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What Color Leggings & Accessories Go Best With a Cream Sweater Dress?

by Stacey Kole

Wearing a dress when it’s cool outdoors can be a little tricky; the last things you want are shivers and goose bumps running up and down your legs. That’s where the beauty of a sweater dress comes in -- especially one in a neutral color like cream. The cozy knit will keep you warm, plus it pairs perfectly with a host of different leggings and accessories. Create any number of looks by mixing up colors and textures -- you’ll ward off the chill and look hot doing it.

Rich Neutrals

As a light neutral, a cream sweater dress meets its match in rich, dark neutrals. The contrast of the soft dress against black, chocolate, charcoal or even navy-denim leggings creates a sumptuous, fall-friendly palette. Be adventurous and mix several neutrals into one look. For instance, wear black leggings with knee-high cognac riding boots and a matching satchel. Add a chunky gold cuff and a burgundy scarf for a little extra color. To glam up your sweater dress, opt for textured gray leggings or a houndstooth pattern, and slip on a pair of black high-heel pumps or taupe suede shooties. Rock dangling metallic chandelier earrings, and carry a studded black clutch for the picture of polished elegance.

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