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What Color of Blouse to Wear With a Beige Skirt?

by Katherine Mitt

A beige skirt is a wonderfully versatile piece to introduce into your wardrobe, and can be worn effortlessly with a range of different blouse styles and colors. Get the most mileage out of your skirt by choosing one with simple tailoring and a classic fit.

Bright and Colorful

Use your beige skirt as the perfect muted backdrop against which to show off your brightest, most vibrant blouses. The neutral color of your skirt won’t compete with brights and will provide a lighter contrast that allows more vivid tones to pop. For a perfect fall weekend look, pair a beige corduroy miniskirt with a red long-sleeve t-shirt. Accessorize with dark brown riding boots and a gold cuff bracelet.

Classic Neutrals

Although beige can be complemented by most other neutrals, black and cream are wonderful options for creating an elegant and timeless look with your beige skirt. Choose a classic black silk blouse, worn tucked into your skirt, and some black high heels for a perfectly ladylike outfit. Add a cream-colored cardigan and some delicate pearl jewelry to complete the ensemble.

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