What Color Does Burgundy Go With?

by Katherine Mitt

Rich, dark burgundy, a fashion staple that reemerges as a widely worn hue every few years, consistently remains a truly classic color. The deep tone works well with a range of other hues, and instantly adds a degree of sophistication to your outfit.

Classic Black and White

Just like burgundy, black and white are go-to colors. When worn together, these three enduring colors lead to a refined and effortlessly chic look. Black should form the neutral basis of your ideal outfit. Burgundy serves as an understated dose of color, and white offers a needed bright contrast to the two darker hues. At the office, pair black slacks with a traditional white blouse. Top off the blouse with a burgundy jacket, and complete your sophisticated look by putting your hair in a tidy bun and adding a swipe of bright lipstick. For a classy weekend look, pair a black sweater with a burgundy miniskirt. Add a white statement necklace and some black ballet flats, and you’ll be ready for whatever the weekend has in store for you.

Blue Hues

Burgundy looks great with a range of blue shades, and works particularly well with navy -- another chic and timeless color. Let navy serve as the base of your outfit and add burgundy accents. Wear a burgundy cardigan over a navy blue shift dress, for example, and finish the classic look with tan leather loafers and some dark red stud earrings. Because navy and burgundy are both deep, rich tones, keep accessories neutral so they don't compete with your clothes. Turquoise blue also works well with burgundy, providing an eye-catching contrast to the darker color. Wear some standout turquoise chandelier earrings with a burgundy dress and gold strappy sandals. Or let a turquoise blouse take center stage by pairing it with a classic burgundy skirt and dark brown leather pumps.

Regal Metallics

When worn with metallics, burgundy is transformed from a wonderfully understated color into a rich and regal tone. Gold brings out burgundy’s warmth, while silver gives you a perfect, cool contrast to the deep red. Wear burgundy skinny jeans with a gold slouchy sweater, or tuck a silver silk blouse into the waistband of a burgundy fit-and-flare skirt. When wearing burgundy with gold or silver, prevent your outfit from becoming gaudy by keeping accessories simple. Delicate, simple jewelry works well, as do traditional bags and shoes. Step into classic pumps in black or nude with a burgundy and metallic outfit; a dark leather bag in a ladylike, structured shape also works well.

Brown Tones

Various shades of brown complement burgundy by playing up the red hue’s classic appeal. Darker brown shades blend well with burgundy, while lighter browns and tan tones serve as complementary contrast. Pair a long-sleeved burgundy dress with a pair of dark brown high-heeled boots for an effortless pulled-together fall look. If the weather is on the cold side, add black tights for warmth. Wear burgundy slacks with a classic camel-toned crewneck sweater. Add a strand of pearls, some simple stud earrings and a pair of pointy-toe pumps, and you’ll be ready for the workday.