How to Check Assets Using a Social Security Number

by Damica Brownswood

In the past, the government used Social Security numbers (SSN) mainly for tax reasons. Today, we use this number for tax, identity, credit and other reasons. Your Social Security number is the gateway to your life. If you have a person’s SSN, you can obtain all sorts of information. For example, name, address and job history will all be revealed through a simple SSN search. A search can also reveal any individual or joint assets. For example, property or home ownership information can be researched using a person’s SSN.

Review the Privacy Act of 1974. An individual can access his or her own information. Someone else can legally access their information with written consent or by meeting one of the 12 disclosure exceptions. Review the act to see if you are legally allowed to search for a person using their Social Security number.

Visit a website that offers reverse searches by SSN. For a small fee, each company will provide instant access to Social Security reports, if available. It is best to explore each site and research its satisfaction levels before proceeding. Employers can obtain this information for free by going directly to the Social Security Administration.

Discover assets by plugging in a Social Security number. The search will reveal information on a person's name, aliases, current and former addresses, and zip codes. If available, detailed reports will display assets, date of birth, and current and previous phone numbers. You might be charged additional fees for detailed reports.

Visit the Social Security Administration website. Employers and certified third-party individuals working for employers can register for the Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS). This free service allows authorized individuals to search Social Security numbers and retrieve information on individuals. Once registration is approved, you will receive a user ID. Create a password, then log in to request your access code. The code is sent via mail.

Discover assets by plugging in the Social Security number. Log into your account, and use your access code to retrieve this information.

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  • Be advised that detailed information is normally obtained through a credit report. Simple searches may only reveal limited information. Most employers will be authorized to pull an employees credit report with the employees consent. Unless you are authorized, most individuals do not have the right to pull another person’s credit. If you are looking to locate assets of a person that is deceased, you can use a social security death index service offered by sites like You can also visit the department of vital records within your state to retrieve information on the deceased.


  • Unauthorized SSN access is a violation of law.

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