How Do I Get a Birth Certificate With No ID?

by Jonita Davis

Each state keeps a record of births for all citizens born within state borders. These records are easily obtained by people other than the person named on the certificate, but only those who are related to that person. This legal relationship must be either biological or legally granted by the courts. These relatives are the key to the only way that you can get a birth certificate with no ID.

Obtaining a Birth Certificate

Traditionally, birth certificates are obtained online or in person at the local Department of Public Health or the Department of Vital Records. You make the formal request by filling out an application. This form will ask you the name on the birth certificate, your contact information and relationship to the person named on the certificate. You must also answer questions about birth order, the parents listed, place of birth and other things including the reason for the request. Answer as many of these questions as you can to help speed the process along. Don't forget to sign it. You must submit a scanned copy of your identification along with the online application. If filling the form out in person, you must present your ID at the counter. You will also need to submit a fee.

Obtaining a Birth Certificate With No ID

The only legal way to obtain a birth certificate without an ID is to have a relative submit the request on your behalf. The relative will go through the process above. Once he or she receives the certificate, it can become yours to use in getting an ID. The relative can use either the online or walkup methods of getting the certificate. The choice of method may depend on those available in the state from which you are requesting the certficate.

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