How to Find a Person's Address for No Charge

by Manuel Paucar

Whether you want to locate an old friend of yours or even your ex-wife or husband, there is no need to waste money hiring a private detective. The only thing you need is a computer and an Internet connection. Thanks to the Internet and the wide database that contains people's personal information, you can acquire personal information about a person in a matter of seconds.

Choose one of the many search engines from the Internet. ZabaSearch is a reliable search engine.

Write the name of the person (or the phone number), in the respective blank space.

Check the results. See if one of them is the person you are looking for.

Return to the main page of ZabaSearch if you want an advanced search. Choose a specific state from the list and write the phone number.


About the Author

Manuel Páucar (Lima, 1978), is the author of "Chronicles of the Exile," a popular column in the Hispanic market. In his 18 years as a writer, he's published four books and received several awards, including a special recognition from the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Páucar attended the Andes Chef School in 1999, and studied theater arts at CTL Institute in 1998.

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