What Does It Mean if a Shoe Runs a Half-Size Small?


0:05 hi my name is Gabriel Lewis with 50

0:07 Hunter and this is what does it mean if

0:10 a shoe runs half size too small you're

0:12 in luck this is really easy it all

0:15 depends on the brand sometimes the brand

0:18 or style of shoe that you want ranked

0:21 may run smaller than the usual which

0:23 forces you to have to get a half size

0:25 bigger for example if you were a size 8

0:27 you may have to wear a size 8 and a half

0:30 and order for it to fit very comfortably

0:36 you're in luck

0:38 this is really easy it all depends on

0:40 the brand sometimes the brand of style

0:42 that you're looking for might run a

0:43 little smaller which forces you to have

0:45 to buy a half size bigger for example if

0:48 you were a size 8 that particular style

0:51 of brand is going to force you to have

0:53 to buy a size eight and a half and Notah

0:55 for it to fit you comfortably so now you

0:57 know this is what it means when a shoe

0:59 runs half size small

1:07 you