How to Search Free Divorce Records Without Membership Fees

by Contributor

There are many reasons why having access to free divorce records is of great importance. Many people are seeking information included in divorce records such as child custody cases, financial listings, dates of lawsuits and evidence of any previous marriages. Free divorce records are actual records that have been researched either online or publicly, free of charge. After the initial searching is completed, then there is a charge for ordering and having the records copied for personal use.

First look for public records web sites that permits free services in researching divorce records and no membership fees required. These specific sites should show all state listings only, so you can provide as much needed information, such as the exact location of the divorce and the names of both ex-spouses. Try to find the cheapest public records sites in order to purchase free divorce records.

If you find public records web sites or divorce web sites that do have membership fees and you desire to join them, look for one that has a yearly fee of $40 or less.

Check out nearby libraries in your area to see if they have vital records. Vital records are marriage licenses, death certificates, and birth certificates under government authorization. Many times you will be able to find divorce records there also.

Visit your local county clerk' s office for free divorce records. You are allowed to see all documented divorce papers free of charge. There is only a small cost to have duplicate copies made of the records you are interested in.


  • The National Center For Health Statistics will send you a copied divorce certificate that has been certified for a fee, according to the state where the divorce originated.