Marriage Compatibility Based on Date of Birth

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The Life Path number is thought by some to be an indicator of personality, temperament, talent and other traits, both positive and negative. Calculated from the date of birth, numerologists and astrologists use the number to determine a person's journey through life.


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Add the numbers within your birth date together: e.g. A person born on April 23, 1968 would add: 4+2+3+1+9+6+8=33; then add the result of the two numbers together: 3+3=6


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Life Path numbers run 1 through 9: 1 is strong and independent; 2 is emotional and intuitive; 3 is creative and affectionate; 4 is stable and intellectual; 5 is a free spirit open to change; 6 is a hard worker; 7 is intellectual and cultured; 8 is balanced and enduring; 9 is enthusiastic and energetic.


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Numerologists stress the importance of building relationships with partners with a compatible Life Path number. For example, a pairing of numbers 1 and 5 would be a compatible combination; both are independent people who like freedom within a relationship.