Magna Rx Side Effects

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Magna RX is an oral medication used to treat impotence or decreased male sexual performance. No matter how you label it, lack of arousal and stamina in the bedroom are serious problems that many men face each day, especially those over 40. With Magna RX, these men can gain an erection, increase stamina and create a longer-lasting sexual experience with just two pills a day. Know the side effects of the medicine before you take it.


According to the manufacturer of Magna RX, no observed or noted side effects have been found in patients or test groups who have used the product. However, as with any medicine or treatment plan, men taking other medications or suffering from heart disease, diabetes or other medical conditions should consult a doctor before taking Magna RX.

As with any new drug or treatment plan, effects may go undocumented for years, as symptoms may not manifest during single- or limited-cycle use. In some cases, effects are observed only after years of treatment or after a medicine is found to be reacting with another. Monitor and report any changes as soon as they occur. Never assume that just because you did not experience complications during the first year you began taking Magna RX, for example, that you will be immune to future complications. This is especially true if you start taking other medications or become ill.


Because Magna RX is a natural product, it does not have the same considerations, warnings or risks that are associated with other chemical-based enhancement products, pills and injections. It is not a chemical, nor did it undergo chemical processes during manufacturing. However, even foods, plants and spices found in nature can produce a reactionary response within the human body. As with an allergy to peanuts, for example, natural ingredients can cause side effects just as commonly as other non-natural ingredients. In the case of Magna RX, patients can experience some mild stomach discomfort or other symptoms while taking the oral medication. Do not be fooled into thinking that natural means that it is right for everyone. Consult your physician and ask if Magna RX is right for you.


The suggested dosage is one pill with a glass of water twice a day for optimum results. Although the oral medication does not contain chemicals, it is not recommended that a consumer take more than the daily recommended dosage. As with any drug, manufacturers of Magna RX strongly caution users to follow dosage instructions. This is especially true for older men, and for men suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. It is unlikely that an overdose will occur, but factors such as age, medical history, general health and heart health will ultimately determine how the human body responds and reacts to Magna RX.


Knowing side effect information is especially important with male enhancement oral medication. In a recent disclosure from the manufacturer of Viagra, several side effects were observed and fatal warnings made public after the pill had been in use and on the market for several years. These side effects were discovered after several men died when the drug was used in combination with common heart medications. It is normally the case that side effect information may change as Magna RX is further tested, used by a larger testing pool and is advanced with technology or subject to manufacturing changes.


Consider having a complete health and physical exam if you are over 50 and have heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or smoke. This is an at-risk group and generally requires more testing whenever a new medication is introduced to the body. During the first few days of taking Magna RX, be sure to note how long the erection lasted, if pain was experienced during sex, if heart palpitations were experienced at any time while on the medication and if strange pain in the stomach was observed. Remember to pay attention to the body immediately after taking the medication, as well as during sex. These things help a treating physician understand whether Magna RX is causing undue stress on the body or heart.