How to Tie a Civil War Era Cravat


0:06 hi this is mo of MO West creations and

0:09 today I'm going to show you how to tie a

0:11 civil war style cravat to do a cravat

0:15 you want a long scarf with fringe or

0:19 lace on the on either end then you want

0:22 to take it and put it around your neck

0:24 and find how long you're gonna want your

0:28 hangings to be leave it there and then

0:31 take your longer side and wrap it around

0:34 your neck the first wrap is going to be

0:37 tighter and higher and the second wrap

0:39 is going to be a little looser then take

0:43 your second end cross it over the first

0:45 one and up under it and the second loop

0:53 then bring it the ends up and over that

0:58 so that it'll just be the tassels or the

1:01 lace pretty much that is hanging over

1:04 and you'll see a little bit of the

1:06 underneath lace or tassels as well a

1:11 cravat to do a longer cravat you want to

1:18 make the first strand a little longer

1:21 and then take your second strand after

1:23 you've wrapped it around your neck once

1:25 cross it over wrap it around as many

1:33 times as you want until it's short

1:35 enough and then bring it up underneath

1:38 and pull it through laying it over

1:42 adjust as needed you should end up with

1:45 both layers of fringe or lace showing

1:49 however the top one should be shorter

1:52 this has been mo of mo West creations

1:56 showing you how to tie a civil war-era

1:58 cravat ciao