How to Measure an Inseam


0:01 Alright, so we've done the outside. Now, we're going to do the inseam. And, you want to start

0:06 -- the inseam is going to start where the, where the seam that goes around your crotch

0:14 area - that's the starting point. So, you want to get as close to where that seam is

0:21 going to go and then follow the outside of your leg. Keep your leg straight

0:37 and then with shoes, I?m a 34. Inseam measurements are like a 30, 32, you know, 34. You know,

0:49 when you buy a pair of Levi's jeans or something, it says 30/32. One's the waist, and then the

0:55 other is the inseam. The second measurement is the inseam. So, you want to find that measurement

1:02 for your pant. And so, I?m going to go ahead and write it down.