How to Customize Prom Dresses & Evening Gowns


0:04 hi I'm Tina Gill with worth well style

0:07 and today I'm gonna show you a few

0:09 different options of how to customize

0:11 your prom dress or an evening gown so

0:14 this is a cute little prom dress here it

0:15 came with this nice ribbon satin detail

0:18 belt here right at the waist with this

0:20 cool little feather detail this is super

0:23 cute just how it is however if you shop

0:25 at a large department store you don't

0:27 want to be that girl that shows up at

0:29 the dance we're in the same dress as

0:31 somebody else there so the best way to

0:33 change that up is to add your own

0:35 personality or add different details to

0:38 it so you can do that a couple of

0:39 different ways you could add your own

0:41 belt here to the center this could be

0:44 any color you wanted to since since this

0:46 dress is nice and neutral another option

0:49 is to change out details like this of by

0:53 like adding a little feather over the

0:54 top a little flower another great idea

0:57 is to do a brooch and you could do some

1:00 sort of layering technique like that as

1:02 well and these are just little pin on so

1:04 this is going to be easy for you to

1:06 change any way you want another great

1:09 option is actually taking your dress to

1:11 a tailor or a custom dressmaker and

1:14 finding fabric that you really like to

1:16 make a difference so I love this little

1:18 lace detail here this is a great way you

1:21 could add a lace belt right here in the

1:24 center and just make it your own or a

1:27 larger piece of lace fabric here over

1:29 the top you could have a couple layers

1:30 of that also you could have the lace

1:33 peeking out here at the top or at the

1:35 bottom hem hem line here these are great

1:38 little ways to add a touch of detail and

1:40 to make something your own ribbon such

1:43 as this to you go with a neutral color

1:45 too you can wear this as a belt just as

1:48 it is or you could add another simple

1:50 belt over the top or any of those little

1:52 flowers and details so it's a great idea

1:55 to find a dress that you love that fits

1:57 you great and then add your own style

1:59 and personality through that to that as

2:01 you can see you can do a lot of

2:03 different things adding little flowers

2:05 brooches lace fabric taking it to a

2:09 custom dressmaker she can help you

2:11 explore all these different ideas

2:13 options I'm Tina Gill with worth wall

2:16 style thanks for watching

2:22 you