How Do I Get a Bad Smell Out of My Bath Towels?


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0:24 and sometimes they just been sitting too

0:26 long in the water

0:28 I'm musty mildew and bacteria so what

0:33 can you do well one of the easiest

0:35 things you can do is put them on the

0:37 grass when it's raining that really

0:39 combined with the chlorophyll helps to

0:41 get the smell out of towels another

0:44 option is to take a pot and fill it with

0:47 enough water to cover the problem put

0:49 the towel in you might need to do this

0:51 in the bathroom and then you can use one

0:53 of the following either waspers build-up

0:56 boron or vinegar always real glow

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1:22 home you can use super strong vinegar

1:24 white vinegar one cup of vinegar into

1:27 the water make sure the water covers the

1:30 towel let it soak for a few hours on for

1:32 the entire time tank since you're washed

1:34 in between that time you get rid of that

1:37 horrible smell and towel I remember from

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