Getting Pen Marks Out of Fleece Clothing

Photodisc/Valueline/Getty Images

A pen mark on fleece clothing requires some extra care. The soft and smooth texture may easily soak up the ink, so don’t just toss it in the wash with the rest of the laundry. Instead, try a few methods to remove the ink stain before laundering it in your usual way.

Lay the pen-stained portion of the fleece clothing flat on a clean rag. This will prevent the ink from seeping through to other parts of the garment. Dip a cotton swab in glycerin. Gently rub the liquid into the stain so that it's completely saturated.

Mix ¼ cup of water and a couple drops of laundry detergent in a bowl. Dab the soapy water onto the pen mark, then gently rub it into the fabric with your fingers to make a lather.

Turn the fleece garment inside out and wash it in the washing machine in cold water with laundry detergent. Check the garment after washing for any traces of the pen marks.

If the stain remains, apply dry cleaning solvent to the pen marks with a clean rag. Place the ink-stained part of the clothing onto a clean rag, then sponge the solvent onto the fabric around the stain. Turn the garment over and apply the solvent to the back side of the pen marks. Blot the solvent-soaked stain with a clean rag until no more ink is coming off the clothing.

Rinse the affected area of the clothing with cool water. Sponge rubbing alcohol onto the marks. Let the alcohol air dry, then rub a few drops of laundry detergent into the spots. Let the detergent sit on the garment overnight, then apply a laundry stain removal product the next day. Launder the garment again in the washing machine in cold water.

If the stain remains, bring the garment to a professional cleaner. Dry the garment in the dryer only when the pen marks are entirely gone.