Definition of Effective Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively is an art that can be used in many areas of your life, from employment and education to parenting and relationships. An effective communicator takes into account the audience or listener receiving the message and communicates accordingly.

Definition of Effective Communication Skills

Effective communication is a process through which the sender conveys a message that the receiver readily receives and understands. It is a two-way process instead of a one-way process.

Effectively Communicating Your Message

To effectively communicate a message, you must understand how a receiver will process your message. It is important to include visuals, auditory effects as well as kinesthetic information to appeal to the widest range of listeners.

Knowing Your Audience

If you want to know details about your audience, send out a survey asking specific questions about age, interests, type of job performed, whether a parent or not. This information can assist you with formulating the message you will be sharing.

Paying Attention to Nonverbal Cues

Effective communication means also paying attention to the nonverbal cues of the receiver. People who are listening attentively will often give you eye contact or a gesture such as a smile or a nod of the head to let you know they are listening.

Removing Barriers to Communication

Remove barriers to communicating your message. For example, do not think about what happened right before you arrived to speak, whether it is a flat tire or whether you received bad news. Focus all of your attention on the receiver and deliver the message in a way that he will understand.