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20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Husband

by Leah Campbell

“Till death do us part.” That was what you promised 20 years ago. Now, you are a seasoned married couple with two decades under your belts. Reaching your 20th wedding anniversary is something worth celebrating. But even after all this time, you may be at a bit of a loss regarding the perfect gift for your husband. Fear not! With a little thought and creativity, that gift is within reach.


According to Hallmark, the quintessential experts on all things celebratory, the traditional gift for the 20th wedding anniversary is china. Of course, there aren’t many men that would get overly excited about being presented with a new china pattern, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stick to tradition and still put a smile on his face. What about a personalized china coffee mug for your favorite caffeine addict or a one of a kind china keepsake box that he can store photos or cigars in? You could even get really creative with the china theme and book two tickets to China.


Hallmark also makes allowances for more modern 20th anniversary gifts, dubbing this the year of platinum. A metal that embodies strength and endurance marks your long-term commitment to each other. While you may be hoping for platinum earrings or a new ring, he could probably benefit from a new platinum watch or maybe even a platinum upgrade for his wedding band.


Perhaps you would rather stick to gifts that are meaningful to the two of you, veering away from both the traditional and modern mandates. In that case, brainstorm about things the two of you enjoy doing together. Maybe it is time to invest in season tickets for your favorite sports team or to book a trip somewhere you have both always dreamed of going. You could also think back to something special from when the two of you first started dating and try to recreate those memories with a gift that will remind you both of falling in love. For instance, an early print edition of the book your first discussed together in a college class could be a deeply personal gift that you both would enjoy.


When made with love, homemade gifts can still prove to be the most special. Consider putting together a photo book covering your 20 years of memories. Or create a meal with all of his favorites from your two decades together. Tap into your talents and write him a poem or song expressing some of your favorite memories and share your love with him in a way that is special to the two of you.

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