How to File a Complaint on a Child Protection Investigator

by Jennie Dalcour

Child Protective Services (CPS) can investigate any report of child abuse, neglect or endangerment. Some investigations find truly abusive situations, while others report unsubstantiated conditions. Parents, feeling steamrolled through this process and unable to portray the truth of their circumstances, may disagree with the findings of the investigation and their caseworker. State-run CPS offices have procedures in place to allow parents to file complaints on a child protector investigator with their caseworkers.

Speak to your case worker directly. Many complaints can be cleared through open and honest communication.

Contact your caseworker's supervisor. Request to speak with the area supervisor or the director of your regional CPS office, if you are still dissatisfied with your child's investigation.

File an official appeal if the investigation is complete. If your case has gone to juvenile court for dependency proceedings, your appeal will be placed on hold until the legal case is complete.


  • CPS is a state-run organization, and each state may have different departments to contact for the appeal process.

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