Can I Use Liquid Smoke to Make Salmon Taste Like Smoked Salmon?

by Aya Pauli
Liquid smoke adds a woodsy flavor to salmon.

Liquid smoke adds a woodsy flavor to salmon.

Smoked salmon is a filet or whole fish that has been hot or cold smoked. The smoking process cures the salmon so that it doesn’t have to be cooked. This gives the salmon a dry, flaky texture and woodsy flavor. True smoked salmon has a taste that’s hard to replicate. Liquid smoke, however, can give salmon an echo of the same flavor.

Flavoring Technique

Liquid smoke is a potent substance made from passing wood smoke through water. It doesn’t take much of the liquid to add a smoky flavor to salmon, so it works best when slightly diluted with water. Sprinkle or brush a light amount of the diluted liquid over cooked or raw salmon to add a woodsy taste. Flavor things up a bit by diluting the liquid smoke with other liquids, such as lemon juice.

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