Yummy Camping Meals

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The major goal of a camping meal is to maximize taste and nutrition using the limited resources of camping, while reducing preparation and clean-up time, according to LoveTheOutdoors.com. With access to a hot campfire, smoldering coals and a little foresight, you can provide your family with the yummy meals they love. When planning your meals, remember that all refrigerated ingredients -- eggs, meat, cheese and condiments -- must be kept cold until cooked or consumed.


Eggs pretty much take the cake when it comes to yummy camping breakfasts. With your frying pan set over the hot coals, you can fry eggs, scramble them or even prepare an omelet with cut-up veggies and cheese. Use a ranch seasoning mix to add some kid-friendly flavors to your egg dishes. Add some strips of bacon or some sausage links to the frying pan, slather some butter or cream cheese on a whole wheat bagel and your breakfast is complete.

Pancakes with syrup and butter are sure to please everyone on your camping trip. Most popular grocery stores sell shake-and-pour pancake batters that make it easy to transport and prepare pancakes. Add some blueberries or mashed banana to your batter to give your pancakes some pizzazz.


Sandwiches make a good choice for lunch while camping. They are portable, so you can take them along with you on your camping activities. You also have several choices when it comes to sandwiches, making it easier to please the whole family. Choose the always popular peanut butter and jelly or use deli meats like ham and turkey. Prepare egg salad or tuna salad in advance and keep it in a container in your cooler until you are ready to prepare your sandwiches. Don't forget to pack your favorite sandwich toppings such as lettuce, tomato, mustard, mayo or creamy dressing. Add some cut-up veggies and bring along a container of creamy dressing for dip to make a balanced lunch.


Hamburgers make an ideal camping dinner. Prepare ground beef or ground turkey patties at home or purchase pre-made frozen patties. Add ketchup, mustard, creamy dressing, lettuce, tomato and onion. Hot dogs are another option that your kids will love because they can cook them themselves. Pierce a hot dog with a long stick and have your kids hold it over the fire until browned.

If you or anyone in your family is an avid angler, fresh fish is another good option. Wrap freshly caught fish in tin foil with some butter, salt and pepper. Place the wrapped fish over the hot coals of the fire. Add some cut-up veggies to another foil packet to make your fish a meal.


No camping trip would be complete without the ever popular s'mores. Although not technically a meal, s'mores are a great way to end your camping day and are sure to send your kids to their tents with a smile.

The traditional s'more consists of a roasted marshmallow, milk chocolate and honey graham crackers. Put your own spin on the dessert by choosing cinnamon or chocolate graham crackers and white or dark chocolate. Try a hazelnut chocolate spread with sliced bananas on a graham cracker with a roasted marshmallow instead.