Youth Group Games

Youth Group Games

Keeping teenagers away from trouble is an important priority in today's world. Having activities and a support network of their peers as well as adults are vital. Interesting and fun activities in which teens can engage is part of the solution. Here are some suggestions for games to keep your organization armed with fun and interactive activities for teens.


Youth group games are not only an important way to get teens to socialize with one another. They also aid in helping new teens to the group feel comfortable with peers and the leaders. Youth leaders use games as ice-breakers to help teens get to know each other better, as well as an outlet to have some wholesome fun. Youth group games might be played before, during or after a lesson series, as a night-out option or on other occasions that are appropriate for these kinds of activities.


Getting teens outside and running off bottled up energy is a great idea. As long as the weather cooperates, teens will love the idea of being outdoors. If your group is a large one than 3-D kickball is an ideal game to play. The game has the same concept as traditional kickball except for the fact that there will be three pitchers throwing the ball to three kickers at the same time. It is a game that moves fast and everyone gets a few chances to bat a few times quickly. Three-legged kickball is another variation on the conventional kickball game. Two players are tied together as if for a three-legged race. A variety of other games that can be played outdoors can be found on the site GameSecretary (see Resources below).


Having a place that helps social skills flourish is another important aspect to keeping teens out of troublesome activities. When the weather is harsh or wet, having a variety of indoor games that young people can participate in is another way that keeps them on a straight and narrow path. The game of 2Ping is much like baseball but it can be played indoors without fear of breaking any furniture or windows because it is played with a ping pong racket and ball. Just as in baseball, have one player pitch to the batter and before you know it, the kids will be rounding the bases while others try and catch pop flies. Another great game of skill is 7-ball. All that is needed is a magic marker, three garbage receptacles and seven tennis balls. Put the trash cans in a line facing away from the players. Make a throwing line and place each of the receptacles at seven-foot intervals. Kids stand behind the line and try and get the balls into the trash can to score points.


You can find more outdoor and indoor games at Group-Games (see Resources below). This site is loaded with fun ideas for leaders of youth groups. Youth leaders will quickly be able to see that playing games with teens is not only fun, but these games can be used to teach valuable moral lessons as well. Many of the games you will find are directly related to thought-provoking insights. In other words, teens will be learning as they are playing, and that is of great benefit.

Expert Insight

Nothing is more worthwhile than getting involved with youth groups. A responsible adult can make a huge difference when they interact with teens. Showing kids that having fun does not have to involve alcohol, drugs or criminal elements is vital if they are to learn alternative behaviors. The importance of fellowship with other like-minded teens is one of the keys to raising children that do not feel the need to get involved in questionable habits. Youth group games provide teens the much-needed outlet for finding and becoming friends with liked-minded individuals.