Your Party Needs These Invites: Bubblegum Popup Cards

by Machelle Vanderhoeven and Malissa Levesque ; Updated February 18, 2016

Adding a three-dimensional element to your party invitations is such a fun surprise for your invitees and is the perfect accompaniment for a bubblegum-themed get-together. Using honeycomb balls to achieve this effect is so easy and time effective that you won't have to spend a lot of time making these striking invites. And, with a free printable provided, getting these wow-factor invitations out to your guests will be cheap and fast!

Print the Invitations

The free printables for these invitations are available with both a boy and a girl option. Print them on cardstock paper. You can add, print or embellish the fronts of the cards however you wish but a simple, "You're Invited" front is available here. Be sure to re-insert the picture correctly after printing off the inside by following the directions on your printer.

For the lettering on the inside, write it on with a marker or pen, or load it into a photo editing program and add the details there, being sure to not write them where the bubble will hide any of it.

Cut Out the Invites

Using scissors or a cutter, cut around the lines of your chosen invite.

Fold Your Invites in Half

Find the exact center by folding your invite in half lightly and then use a bone folder or scoring tool to get a precise fold. If you don't have these tools, just get a sharp fold using your fingers.

Attach the Honeycomb Ball

There is a wide variety of sizes you could use for your honeycomb balls that still look good, it just comes down to personal preference. Shown here is a 1.5-inch ball and a 5.5-inch ball. Both of these were obtained from a small mix of honeycomb balls found at IKEA but sizes very similar to these can be found at an array of party supply stores. Alternatively, you can purchase honeycomb paper and cut your own balls in whatever size you prefer.

Remove any tape coverings, or apply tape or glue to the edges of your ball.

Press one side firmly to your invite, over the mouth, being careful not to cover any text you may have, and lining it up near the center fold.

Open the ball and press the other side across the invite, on the other side of the fold.

Test your card to be sure that it opens and closes fully. You may need to reposition the ball a little to facilitate this.

Whether you're hosting a bubble gum-themed party, or the person being celebrated simply loves bubble gum, or you just have an affinity for great puns, this invite is a fun and unique way to get your invitees involved and excited for your party!

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