Yearly Baby Gifts

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Several items make good gifts that can be given annually to babies and young children and still receive the same degree of appreciation on each occasion. When you give a gift that lasts beyond the date and offers multiples uses, the child will have a greater opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the item and to fondly remember you with each use.

Monetary Gifts

Monetary gifts give the recipient greater flexibility for use and future enjoyment. Establishing a savings account for a baby or presenting the child’s parents with a directed donation are two easy methods for giving money. The gift can vary by year depending on the means available to the person doing the giving, and the balance can earn interest as the child matures. The child may then receive the funds for a special purpose, upon maturity or to apply the balance toward school. Stocks and precious metals serve as an alternative to cash or savings. These investments have more risk, but may offer a greater rate of return than savings.


Items within a collectible series make a fitting serial present. These items may represent a special bond between the gift giver and the child, featuring beloved figures, books or other works that may hold sentimental value or increase in value (both monetary and sentimental) over time. Modern or vintage collectible dolls or figurines can be used to decorate the child’s room or be preserved for their potential value in the future. Such gifts need not be child-themed. Collections such as stamps and coins can be given as starter sets and expanded upon by the child over a lifetime or given as interesting or rare individual pieces. Sports memorabilia that represent ties to a team, a sport or individual athlete can form a common bond between the gift giver and the child.

Developmental Toys

Developmental toys are made to engage and educate, in addition to entertaining babies and children. Such toys include games designed to foster interest in art and music and encourage creativity. Specialty lines of toys have been designed to stimulate babies toward achievement of developmental milestones by using their natural and instinctive actions and reactions. Additionally, some developmental toys have been created to grow and evolve along with the child, bringing years of enjoyment rather than a few months of limited use.