Wording for a Happy Spring Party Invitation for No Kids or Children

party people on the beach image by RedMartin from Fotolia.com

Sure, throwing get-togethers for the whole family, for parents and their children, can be fun, but sometimes it is nice to enjoy the company of only adults. A springtime celebration is the perfect opportunity to put away the boots and heavy sweaters, and celebrate the reappearance of sunny days with other adults. With a fun but grown-up theme and a careful choice of words, you can create invitations that ensure a kid-free evening without any bitter parents.

Choose your words carefully to avoid writing, "No children allowed" on the invitation to the happy spring party. It is important to refrain from using such harshly negative language. Blatantly telling adults that their children are unwelcome is considered socially incorrect and often miffs parents, who can be very sensitive about their kids. Think about your guests and brainstorm a tactful, better way to make it clear that children should not attend the adult happy spring festivities.

Write only the names of the individuals who are invited to the happy spring party on the invitation. Guests should assume that only the people who are named on the invitation are invited. For instance, instead of writing "The Smith Family," your invitation can be to "John and Sally Smith." To further drive home the point that only adults are invited, include an RSVP card that asks how many adults will be attending the gathering. By not including children on the invitation, you will help most guests realize that their offspring are not invited.

Make it explicit that the get-together is an adult party. When describing the event, write something along the lines of, "You're invited to an adult celebration of spring!" Your clear statement that the party is intended for adults should encourage most people to leave their children at home.

Think of a good-natured but straightforward announcement to include in the invitation that lets people know the happy spring party is for adults only. This idea is best for a happy spring gathering that is a casual affair among close friends. Squeeze in a line like, "Find your kids a sitter and celebrate spring," to let people know their children are not welcome, but in a way that is pleasant and friendly.

Include details about the happy spring party that imply that it is not a good idea to bring children. When writing about the "when" of the party, later hours such as 8:00 p.m. will likely be past most younger children's bedtime. Explaining that the happy spring party will involve drinking or take place at a bar is another way to subtly let people know it is a party that is not appropriate for children.