Worcestershire Sauce Uses

First sold commercially in 1838, Worcestershire sauce is a flexible pantry staple with a nearly endless shelf life. The recommended shelf life is two years for best flavor quality, but the sauce is considered safe to use for an indefinite time, according to French's.

Meat Flavoring

Add Worcestershire sauce to ground meat for flavor and to help prevent drying. Mix 1 to 2 tbsp. of Worcestershire sauce to meatloaf mix or ground beef for burgers to add a rich, juicy flavor undertone. Use the sauce as an acidic base for a meat marinade to saturate flavor throughout a roast or other cut of meat.

Broth, Sauce and Gravy

Add a small amount of Worcestershire sauce to brown gravies for flavor depth. Blend Worcestershire sauce into soup broth, particularly with beef-based soups or split pea soup. Worcestershire sauce provides a flavorful starting point for sauces to serve over roasts, steaks or thin sliced meats.

Side Dish Additions

Blend Worcestershire sauce with lemon juice and toss a small amount with steamed, crisp vegetables to add depth and flavor to greens and other vegetables. Create a wing sauce for flavor instead of heat, blending Worcestershire sauce with butter and tossing the wings in the sauce.