Women's Layered Hairstyles

Women's layered hairstyles vary according to the length of the hair, shape of the head. Layering creates the illusion that the hair is fuller, with more body and texture. This is ideal for women who want to give their flat locks some bounce and appeal. It's good to learn about the different styles so you can decide if a layered cut is the right cut for you.

General Information

Various techniques are used for a layered haircut. One way, known as compact cutting, involves pulling the hair into a ponytail atop a person's head before cutting straight across at the desired length. Once the hair is pulled from the ponytail holder, a layered hairstyle is created.

Other techniques involve separating the hair into segments, or chunks, and cutting in various lengths to reach stylish layered effects. The different chunks of separated hair can be cut in various angles to achieve texture, and hair color is also applied to parts of the hair to enhance the appearance.

Short Layers

Short, layered, hairstyles give a haircut body, bounce and enough texture to keep the short hairstyle from looking drab or plain. Short bobs are layered because the layers tend to frame the face attractively. This can come in handy for people with round, wide faces as the layers draw attention to your features, such as your eyes, nose and lips, instead of to the shape and size of your head. Short, layered hairstyles for women can also be customized and shaped into funky and bold hairstyles such as recording artist Rihanna's signature tresses. In fact, Rihanna's short, layered 'do has earned itself a name in salons. When you want to mimic her look, just ask for a "Rihanna Cut."

Medium Hairstyles

Medium-length hair often sits at the shoulders, which can be an awkward length for some people with thick hair or hair that has a lot of its own body and volume. A layered haircut improves the look of medium-length hair by thinning down on unwanted body while adding body in places that need it. For instance, if you have shoulder-length, curly hair, a layered hairstyle is a way to thin out frizzy ends while adding layers of volume up top.

A medium-length haircut can also be customized with angular layers and shaping around your head. Angular cuts at 90 and 80 degrees throughout the top and central layers of a medium haircut turn a normal hairstyle in a textured and attractive one.

Long Layers

Regardless of whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly, when it's long and in one length, it can appear flat and lifeless. Adding long, loose layers to a long hairstyle creates a whimsical texture in hair that is already wavy or curly, causing the layers to fall naturally to frame your face and turn up at the shoulders. When hair is flat, and iron-straight, long layers provide more body and bounce to the hairstyle and allow you to experiment with a layered haircut without committing to a drastic change. The longer your hair is, the more you can experiment with layers cut at an angle, so you can see if you want a soft, layered look or a more prominent, bold one.