Women's Gifts for Church Groups

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Gifts for religious women's church groups or ladies' functions should inspire and encourage. The occasion should dictate if a gift is homemade, inexpensive or costly. Homemade gifts can show a church group of women how much they mean to you, but commercial gifts are also appealing. Set a budget before purchasing a large volume of gifts to help you determine which gift-giving option is most suitable for your function.

Stationary Gifts

Paper gifts can be elegant, meaningful and personalized. Christian-themed stationary and pen sets make useful gifts for female church members or visitors to ladies day programs. Gifts can be personalized with the church’s name, recipient’s name or with a specific theme. Bookmarks also make useful gifts for women when they study their bibles. Choose bookmarks with religious poetry and imagery, or personalize them with an acrostic poem. Bookmarks are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk, but they can also be handmade using card stock. Another paper gift is the greeting card. Greeting cards can be inscribed with individual messages for the recipients or stamped with a uniform message for everyone. Religious greeting cards can be purchased at religious book stores and most card retailers. Create unique greeting cards with scrap-booking materials for a personal touch.

Assorted Handmade Gifts

Many handmade gifts require little expense, but are often appreciated as much as store bought items. Sugar scrubs and salt scrubs are classy gifts with boutique flair. The scrubs can be created in bulk when you need to make a lot of gifts. Fill decorative jars with sugar or salt, and then fill the jars with olive oil, almond oil or baby oil. Add essential oils for fragrance. Homemade drink mixes made from instant coffee, chocolate powder and dried milk also make good gifts. Drink mixes can be given in decorative jars or baggies. Christian themed Christmas ornaments are another handmade gift option. Make ornaments from beads, clear plastic Christmas balls or felt.

Christian Jewelry

Give the gift of jewelry to Christian women so they can share their faith with everyone who sees those pieces. Necklaces with crosses, nails and footprints are good choices. Many stores carry religious inspired jewelry with fun sayings on them such as "I'm a princess, because my Father's a king," or "God is good 'owl' the time." Store bought jewelry can be very meaningful, but jewelry gifts can also be handmade. You can make a bead bracelet using the colors of Christ beads, or make a Christ’s life story bracelet using beads of different colors, fish beads and wooden beads.

Gifts for the Home

Religious gifts for the home may be purchased online and in bookstores. Select body lotions with verses printed on the tubes, or purchase cute kitchen towels decorated with seasonal verses and imagery. Religious prints of paintings done by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci or other world-renowned artists are also great choices. Prints can be purchased in a variety of sizes. Wall plaques featuring Christian themes are also good choices. These plaques are available from most retailers and can even be made at home with a pre-made plaque board and acrylic paint.