How to Wish Your Girlfriend Happy Birthday

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When it comes time for the love of your life to celebrate her birthday, you want to wish her a happy birthday in a way she'll never forget. As her significant other, she'll expect you to recognize the day and assist in the celebratory process. Whether you select a large or small-scale celebration, finding at least one meaningful way of wishing your girlfriend happy birthday is one way to show her how much you truly care.

Step 1

Pick up the phone and call your girlfriend. The second she says "hello," wish her a happy birthday. Even if you live together, if appropriate, call her at work during a break to wish her a happy one. She'll appreciate the extra effort you took during despite your busy schedule. If talking on the phone isn't the way you prefer to communicate, send her an email, text or tweet with something as simple as "Happy birthday, honey," which will leave her feeling loved and celebrated.

Step 2

Present your girlfriend with a basket full of birthday goodies and a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Fill it with spa items or gift certificates to her favorite restaurants. The contents can be small trinkets and don't need to be elaborate gifts. The point is to choose a few items you know she'll love and present it to her as a way of wishing her a happy birthday. Finish it off by including a birthday card and attaching a few balloons that wish your girlfriend a happy day.

Step 3

Plan a party to celebrate your girlfriend's birthday. Invite a group of your close friends or family over and surprise her with cake, gifts and a few party games. As soon as she walks in the door, ask everyone to yell "Happy birthday!" as group. The more people wishing her a happy birthday at once, the more loved your girlfriend will feel on her special day. For an extra special touch, ask the group to wear an outfit sporting your girlfriend's favorite color.

Step 4

Write your girlfriend a song wishing her happy birthday. Even if you aren't musically inclined, it's the thought that counts. As long as the song lyrics come from the heart, she'll appreciate even the most out-of-key ways of singing her happy birthday.

Step 5

Create a sign wishing your special someone a happy birthday. Don't worry if you aren't the next up-and-coming Picasso, because the quality of the artwork isn't what she will care about. Write "Happy Birthday" or make her swoon with birthday wishes from a language of love like "Feliz Cumpleanos" somewhere on the sign. Hang it in her bathroom or place it on her car windshield so it's the first thing she'll see on the morning of her birthday. For an added touch, place a single rose next to the sign to show her how much you care.