Wild West Games for Kids

by Cadence Johansen ; Updated September 28, 2017

Don't forget your cowboy hat!

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Saddle up, partner, because you are about to throw a Wild West party for kids. Although children's birthdays can be stressful, a Wild West theme is a fun direction to take for your little cowboy's or cowgirl's birthday party. There are all kinds of fun Wild West games for kids and adults who are a little imaginative.

Wild Roundup

During a wild roundup, each child will have a balloon and a stick. The goal of the game is to use the stick to get your balloon through an obstacle course and into a pen. The child who is able to get through the course in the shortest amount of time wins.

Gold Rush

Throughout the yard, or a room, hide small gold tokens or chocolate candies. Make sure there will be more than enough for each child to find several. Then, let them all loose on the room to find the “gold.” This is a great way to get the energy out of the kids before opening presents.

Sack Races

Line the children up in two separate teams. Give the first child in each team a sack. The child will put the sack on, race to the end of the yard, then race back. Once each child on each team has run the race, the race is finished, and the fastest team wins.

Penny in the Hay

Place a large tarp on the ground, and spread a bale of hay (or shredded paper) on the ground. Hide pennies or candy in the hay for the children to find.

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