White Party Outfit Ideas

Model image by Angelika Bentin from Fotolia.com

White parties have become a popular summer party theme. Guests are invited to wear all white, and decorations, food and even drinks are white, as well. A white party is a sophisticated version of a costume party; guests are still able to wear outfits that differ from their everyday lives, while not being too over the top. Shop for white party outfits before or right around Labor Day, before stores dispose of their white apparel.


Wearing a white Bohemian-style dress or skirt is a romantic and natural affect that will look beautiful at a white party. Find a flowing white sleeveless dress with a full skirt and a ruffled edge. Pair the dress with white and gold beaded accessories, such as a long white beaded necklace with a long brushed gold chain. Accessorize the outfit with several different styles of white bangle bracelets. Wear your hair in natural flowing waves, and pair it with a white cloth headband or a simple white ribbon. Finish off the outfit with white flip-flops or flat sandals.

Roaring '20s

Giving your white outfit a 1920s theme is an original take for your party. Find a traditional flapper-style dress in white. If you are unable to find a flapper-style dress, look for a white sheath and glue white or silver fringe in horizontal rows along the dress. Top off the dress with several strands of long pearls, knotting one of the strands at the end. The night before the party, pin up wet hair into pin curls and allow it to dry overnight. Brush out your hair and pin it into a wave around your forehead, forming a traditional 1920s style. Pin a pretty white feather into your hair.


If you want a more formal, professional outfit for your white party, a white suit is an ideal outfit for both men and women. Women, pair a white pencil skirt or pair of trousers with a white jacket, and wear a sexy white or silver sequined shirt underneath. Top off the outfit with a string of pearls and a pair of pearl earrings. Men, wear white linen pants with a white blazer, and a plain white t-shirt, white dress shirt or white polo shirt underneath.

Casual Linen

For a more casual white party look, use linen bottoms and a casual shirt. This is an especially ideal men’s outfit for a white party. Wear a pair of plain white linen pants or shorts and top it off with a white t-shirt or casual white button-up shirt. Women can also wear a pair of white linen pants or capris, and wear a simple white tank top with a pair of white wedges.