Where Can I Sell My Hair for Extensions?

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If you're looking for a little extra cash, it can't get much easier than selling your hair. If you're not freaked out at the idea of someone else wearing your hair on their head, you can get a nice chunk of change for hair you were just going to cut off anyway. Although there isn't much of a market for selling your hair in person, selling hair online has become popular, provided the hair is well taken care of and of good quality.

What Kind of Hair Can Be Sold?

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The ideal hair to be sold is at least 10 inches in length. This is because some hair needs to be cut off on each end to make an extension, and most extensions are 6 to 8 inches long. Hair will be sold most easily if it has not been processed or dyed in any way, and preferably not blow-dried or exposed to hairspray or styling products. Preferably, you should not wash your hair every day if you are planning on selling it, as this strips the natural oils from your hair. Avoid smoking and keep your hair brushed to avoid breakage. Hair that is shiny earns the best prices, so take vitamin A and vitamin E supplements to keep your hair thick, shiny and manageable.

Where Can I Sell My Hair?

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There are several websites that allow an individual to list his or her hair for sale. Anyone can see your hair listing and buyers will be able to contact you. It is best to include a picture of only your hair, preferably down, and not your face. If your face is in the picture, it is best to blur it or block it out with a photo-editing program. Websites where you can sell your hair include Hairwork and the Hair Trader (see Resources). Hairwork charges a fee to post for the first time, but Hair Trader allows free listings. The longest, thickest and straightest hair is generally what sells for the highest profits, although if your hair is at least 10 inches long, you have nothing to lose in putting it up for sale.

How Do I Get Paid?

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Most hair-selling websites will arrange payment through the website, in conjunction with PayPal (see Resource 3). PayPal is a safe, money-exchanging website where the hair buyer will pay you with his or her credit or debit card. You will receive money in your private account, and then it will take approximately four days for the money to be transferred into your bank account. Most hair-selling websites use PayPal because it is a third-party middleman that is historically trusted in the Internet buying and selling community.