Where Can I Buy Carol's Daughter Hair Products?

by Sarah Brooks

Lisa Price started her line of beauty products called Carol’s Daughter in 1993. What began as a fragrance company has now evolved to a franchise with over 300 products for your face, feet and hair. Her line also includes products for babies, kids and men. Among her products are speciality hair products designed specifically for African-American hair types.

Where Can I Buy Them?

Before you begin your search, call a few of your local department stores to see if they carry the name brand. There are Carol’s Daughter store locations in Harlem, Brooklyn and Garden City, New York as well as Atlanta, GA; Arlington, VA; Culver City, CA; Wheaton, MD; and Jersey City, NJ.

Carol’s Daughter also has a web site that not only lists all of their products, including their hair line, but gives a detailed description of each piece. You can order directly from the site with some additional tax and delivery charge applied. You also have the option to order a catalog of Carol’s Daughter hair products which you can also place orders from.

You can also try visiting web sites such as Amazon or Ebay which might have Carol’s Daughter at cheaper prices.

Products to Look Forward To

Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Milk was the 2008 Best of Sephora Award Winner. This hair lotion is made with lemongrass and vitamins C and E which provide an antioxident boost. The Lemongrass stimulates your scalp’s circulation and the fatty acids in the sweet almond oil are easily absorbed by your scalp. Like the award winning hair milk, Carol’s Tui Leave-In Conditioner is also prized. It was a winner of the 2008 Shecky Beauty Awards.

If you order through Carol’s web site, you have the option to purchase hair sets including gently cleansing rosemary mint shampoo with sea moss, black vanilla leave-in conditioner, Hair Milk, Lisa’s Hair Elixir and mimosa hair honey pomade.

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