What Will a Perm Look Like on Fine, Limp Hair?


0:04 hi I'm T Cooper I'm in New York City

0:07 makeup artist hair stylist and

0:09 co-founder of beauty and grooming

0:10 company Metro look today we're going to

0:13 talk about a question one of you

0:14 recently asked which was how will a perm

0:16 look in fine limp hair now there are a

0:20 couple of ways of finding this out the

0:22 first way is that you can go to your

0:24 local wig store or a beauty supply store

0:26 and try on curly wigs but I know

0:28 sometimes some of you people are really

0:30 really busy I know I am sometimes and

0:33 ain't nobody got time for that

0:34 so therefore another way to do it is

0:36 through curling your hair as you can see

0:38 I've already curled my models hair to

0:40 give some volume and I actually like the

0:42 way this looks so she'd be a great

0:44 candidate for a perm and I'm going to

0:45 show you how to do it but this you're

0:47 going to need some good old fashioned

0:50 and heat protectant of course because

0:51 you need to protect your hair you're

0:54 going to need some hairspray and a

0:57 curling iron and what size curling iron

0:59 you need is up to you you can try it

1:01 with different barrels and then see what

1:04 kind of curl that you like in your hair

1:06 so I'm going to try it with a few

1:08 different barrels now the first one I'm

1:10 going to do is a 3/4 inch so I'm going

1:13 to spray all the hair I'm going to be

1:14 curling and I'm just going to comb the

1:20 spray through so I can distribute the

1:21 product evenly

1:22 that's just how I like to do things so

1:25 now I'm going to take this section and

1:27 I'm going to use a 3/4 inch so I'm just

1:33 going to wrap this around I'm going to

1:35 get as close to the root as I can

1:37 because typically when you get a perm

1:38 they start all the way from the room I'm

1:41 going to hold it here for a few seconds

1:44 until the hair gets hot

1:47 and then I'm going to let it go and then

1:51 there goes one curl now another one I'm

1:56 going to use I'm going to use a one inch

2:01 and we'll see how we like the curls that

2:04 a one inch makes so I'm just going to

2:07 slide it in wrap the hair around it and

2:14 get as close to the root as I possibly

2:16 can

2:21 and I'm going to let that go and you see

2:23 that's a bigger curls in this one and

2:25 then the final piece of hair we can use

2:30 a one and one-quarter inch so this will

2:34 help you determine eight if you like the

2:36 way curls look in your hair and be what

2:39 size curls that you want in your hair

2:40 because there are different techniques

2:41 that they can use for perms and then we

2:47 let that go so you can pretty much see

2:51 it's a big curl there's a medium-sized

2:53 Caroll and there's a smaller curl and

2:55 then you can determine how it's going to

2:57 look in your final and pair and if

2:58 you're going to like it

2:59 I'm tea Cooper and thank you for

3:01 watching bye