What to Wear With Rain Boots

Rain boots are no longer dreary and black. They come in a variety of patterns and colors, and sometimes are the cutest article of clothing in an outfit. They can be worn with many things on a wet day; so incorporate the following ideas into your attire the next time you have a rainy, muddy day, to look positively smashing.


A fitted pair of jeans, no matter how nice or casual, will go with any pair of rain boots. Avoid bell bottom or flared types, so that you can comfortably tuck the jeans into the boots. That way, the boots become a part of the outfit.

The rule when choosing pants to wear with rain boots is that the two must not clash. For example, if you have polka-dot rain boots, do not wear striped pants.

Skirts and Dresses

Casual skirts and dresses can certainly be worn with rain boots. The same rule applies as with pants: make sure the patterns and colors on the boots and on the skirt or dress do not clash.

Opaque, black tights and a mini skirt with rain boots can liven up an otherwise dreary day.


The cutest way to wear rain boots is with a matching rain jacket, hat, and even a umbrella.

In general, rain boots as a fashion accessory are casual, and should be paired with casual outfits. If it is raining hard, and you don't want to ruin your nice shoes but are dressed up, consider keeping a plain pair of rain boots in the closet, and bring other shoes to change into indoors.