What to Wear When Spray Tanning

Sunless tanning products consist of lotions, gels and mousses, yet one of the best ways to ensure complete coverage is spray tanning. Spray tanning makes self-tanning easier by spraying or airbrushing bronzer solution evenly all over your body. There are some key steps to follow before spray tanning.


The night before you spray-tan, use a good exfoliant and luffa sponge in the bath to remove dead skin cells.


Applying a water-based moisturizer a few hours before you spray-tan assists your skin in absorbing the self-tanner.


Wear minimal clothing. You can either wear a bathing suit or go nude depending on your comfort level. The latter makes for an even coating around the body and will not result in staining any articles of clothing.


Before going into the booth apply a light coating of cream to your hands and feet to filter the solution so that it does not unnaturally stain these heavily-used body parts. You should also protect your hair by using a disposable shower cap.


It's important to wear loose clothing after you spray tan. Loose clothing will ensure that the spray tan does not immediately rub off.

It's also best not to wear white to avoid staining from the bronzer.


After the treatment, wipe or pat down your skin with a towel to catch any drips that could result in streaking.