What to Buy a Man for His 60th Birthday

Siri Stafford/Lifesize/Getty Images

Many Americans retire in their early 60s, so when a man turns 60 he's entering what could be the greatest decade of his life. By this birthday, a man has all the ties and paperweights he needs, so gifts should help him enjoy experiences instead. People who are entering a new decade may feel sensitive about their age, so skip the jokey gifts that point out how old he is and help him feel young instead.

Hobby Gear

Whether he’s already retired or is planning to retire soon, he’s going to have plenty of time to devote to his favorite hobbies. Replace some of his worn-out or outdated gear with new items. Buy a new fishing pole, gardening tools or binoculars that he can use for birdwatching. If you’re not familiar with the equipment that his favorite hobby requires, buy him a store gift certificate so he can pick out the exact drill bit of his dreams.


His 60th birthday is the perfect time for him to take a trip. He’s still active enough to travel easily and he may not want to spend money on a trip once he retires and is on a tight budget. Book him a room at a local bed and breakfast or pool your money with other friends and family to buy him a week-long cruise. If your budget doesn’t allow such a large gift, buy him a new suitcase or luggage tags so that when he does get to travel, he can do it in style.

Active Gifts

As he gets older, keeping in shape will help him stay healthy and happy for longer. If he’s not in healthy shape already, put together a gift basket filled with a new water bottle, running socks, an armband for his MP3 player and a cookbook filled with healthy recipes. If he’s already an active guy, buy him a new tennis racket or a membership to a local gym so he can continue to stay in shape.

New Experience

Now that his children are grown up and he’s just about done working full-time, he may have more free time on his hands than he knows what to do with. Help him fill his time and expand his mind by helping him learn a new skill or hobby. For instance, if he’s always loved art, buy him a package of painting classes at the local community college. If you’re on a smaller budget, buy him instructional books or DVDs that will help him learn a new language.