What Shoes to Wear with Cuffed Jeans

by Tabitha Harwell ; Updated September 28, 2017

Cuffed jeans can be difficult to pair with different types of shoes.

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Cuffed jeans have been around since the 1950s and, although updated, still sport the same laid-back, glamorous vibe they started with. Cuffed jeans are very versatile when it comes to shoe selections. Jeans, in general, are marked as a casual clothing choice. However, if paired with the right shoe they can instantly be transformed into a dressy night outfit. Work with flats, stilettos, boots or sandals for a perfect look every time.

The Flat

The flat shoe is the most popular shoe to pair with cuffed jeans. This versatile shoe, also known as a ballerina slipper, is paired with the cuffed jean to create a trendy and casual or evening look. The flat is available in solid colors to bold patterns and comes in a variety of fabrics.

The High Heel

High heels are a popular choice for cuffed jeans. Heels go well with both skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans and even the increasingly popular boot-cut jeans. Worn typically for an evening outfit, the heel adds a bit of sophistication to the casual jean look. Petite women rejoice at the heel because of the added height and illusion of longer legs. Designers have been blessing woman with high heels for centuries. High heels come in a variety of heights, from the kitten heel to the stiletto, and are adaptable to a wide variety of budgets.
Pair the high heel with cuffed skinny jeans for a night out, or pair them with boyfriend jeans for a glamorous day of shopping.

The Boot

Boots are a comfortable option to pair with your cuffed jeans. Spring, fall and winter seasons allow for trendy boot footwear and casual clothing. If you are wearing skinny jeans you’ll have to go with a bootie because you’ll want your cuff to show. The bootie comes in several size and color variations and never extends past the edge of the cuff. Boot-cut jeans are a great option to cuff and wear with a tall boot. The cuff drapes nicely over the top of the boot, creating a unique and funky look.

The Sandal

Sandals are extremely popular to wear with cuffed jeans. Skinny jeans, boot-cut and boyfriend jeans are all popular jeans to wear with sandals. The term “sandal” can classify several different types of shoes. The most favored sandals to wear with cuffed jeans are the flip flops, gladiators and wedges. Flip flops give a casual and low-key feel to cuffed jeans. Paired mainly with boyfriend jeans, the flip flop is an easy summer choice. Gladiator sandals, which have a criss-cross design in front, are favored with the skinny jean. Wedges are the understated, more fashionable choice for pairing with any type of cuffed jeans. The wedge can add instant elegance

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