What Makes a Good Event Planner?


Event planning is becoming one of the most popular career choices in the entertainment field. An event planner works with many different clients, from large corporations to clients wanting a simple birthday party. The employment opportunities are competitive, but with dedication, anyone can make it in the event planning field.


One of the most important qualities of an event planner is organization. Clients will expect you to plan every part of their event to exact specifications. The information alone can overwhelm the unorganized event planner. Organization for an event planner includes dates, meetings, receipts and staff. Clients expect you to know the event better than they do. You cannot do this unless you are efficient and organized.


What truly sets apart a good event planner is creativity. A client wants you to not only provide all details of the event she wants, but she also will expect you to feed ideas to augment and expand her desires. Some clients may come to you with no idea at all of how they would like their event to look. In these situations, creativity is key. There are many "cookie-cutter" event planners in the field who utilize the same decorations and venues as other planners. Being a creative planner with unique decor and venue ideas allows you to stand out from the pack and gain additional clientele.


A good event planner does a significant amount of research before pitching an event idea to a potential client. Event planners must stay at the forefront of design, catering and entertainment. This allows the planner to suggest event ideas that not only make the client look impressive to those attending the event, but also make you look impressive as an event planner. Research can also give you inspiration for planning future events with your business.

Customer Service

Event planning can be a stressful job as the event gets closer. Being able to keep your stress under control and still provide friendly, helpful service will almost guarantee repeat business. Your client and her guests will demand top-of-the-line customer service. Being able to provide this service in a professional and friendly manner is essential to pleasing your client, as well as gaining additional clients.


Having a sense of business savvy is crucial. Your clients will expect the most event for their money. Being able to negotiate prices for services, goods, catering and venue rent, is essential to save money. Saving money will increase your profit margin, as well as allow you to outbid other event planners in your area.


Event planning demands being flexible. Venues will overbook, caterers will cancel, and decorations will come in the wrong colors. It's unavoidable that something will go wrong. A good event planner always has a backup plan. She is able to not only implement the new idea, she can sell it to the client as better than the original option.


A good event planner is always prepared. This can be as simple as making sure to overestimate your catering to carrying extra dinnerware if surprise guests show up. The event planner should appear to the client as though she predicted changes in the event. The only way to do this is to be prepared for any variable that may happen. The event planner should also be prepared for the event to start on time. Clients become very frustrated by an event starting late due to catering, planning or entertainment errors. The planner should be able to estimate her time perfectly to ensure the right beginning and end time.