What Is Tomato Chutney?

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Chutney is a relish or salsa with a sweet and tangy taste. Tomato chutney typically includes ingredients like sugar, vinegar, onions and garlic. The vinegar and sugar combination give chutney the signature sweet-and-sour flavor. Tomato chutney is commonly used in Indian cuisine.

Basic Tomato Chutney Ingredients

Basic tomato chutney contains Roma or plum tomatoes, sugar and vinegar. Ingredients can be chopped and tossed together to make a cold, fresh salsa or cooked to create a jam-like texture.

Cooked Tomato Chutney

For smooth, jam-like chutney, plum tomatoes can be cooked in oil with other ingredients. Plum tomatoes are commonly used in tomato-based sauces that require cooking. Skins should be removed from tomatoes prior to cooking to ensure smooth texture. Tomatoes need to be cooked for about 45 minutes. After cooking, gelatin sheets or powder can be added before cooling. Gelatin gives tomato chutney firmness.

Optional Ingredients

Some tomato chutney recipes include brown sugar instead of white sugar. Apple cider vinegar can replace white vinegar for sweeter chutney. Other optional ingredients include raisins, ginger and balsamic vinegar.