What Is Thinsulate Lining?

by Vernelle Nelson

Thinsulate lining is credited with insulating clothes and accessories in such a way as to keep wearers warm and dry without the bulk and weight of older forms of clothing insulation. Thinsulate lining, is lightweight, comfortable, durable, and easy for the outdoor enthusiast to engage in cold weather pastimes and comfortable for the average consumer without being weighed down by bulky coats, boots and gloves.

What it is…

Thinsulate is a man-made micro-fiber.

Who Makes It…

The 3M Corporation developed Thinsulate in the 1960s and introduced it in ski clothing in the 1970s.

How It Works

Thinsulate fibers are ultra fine, which makes them excellent for holding in body heat and keeping out moisture from the air.

How It Is Used

Thinsulate lining is used in coats, boots, blankets, gloves, hats and scarves.


Thinsulate does not lose any of its ability to keep users warm after several washings. It can last for years without losing any of its original effectiveness.

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