What Is the Cost to Vinyl Wrap a Car?

Ikonoklast_Fotografie/iStock/Getty Images

The cost for a vinyl car wrap varies based on the size of the wrap, the design format, the type of material and the required labor time. However, it typically costs at least a couple thousand dollars for a high-quality, full vehicle wrap.

Typical Costs

Vinyl Styles, a vinyl wrap company based in San Carlos, Calif., says on its website that as of 2015 it charges between $2,500 and $5,000 for most full-car wraps, which typically take three to five days put on a vehicle. This range is fairly common for high-quality full-car wraps. Costa Mesa, California-based Lucent Wraps says its standard fees are $11 per square foot for a custom-designed wrap, but jump to $25 per square foot for a chrome wrap.

Cost Elements

A primary factor in the cost of vinyl wrap is the design format. A solid-color wrap is usually more expensive than a full-color wrap, according to Lucent Wraps, because the labor is more intensive. The vinyl type, car size and vehicle contours all impact the price as well. A quote that is significantly lower than what reputable providers offer may not have durable, quality materials and the labor may be rushed.