What Is Retinol Complex?

old woman surprised image by Ragne Kabanova from Fotolia.com

Retinol Complex is a product manufactured by SkinMedica. It is applied to the face and neck daily in order to soften wrinkles and make skin more firm through gentle skin-texture enhancing exfoliation.

Who It's For

Retinol Complex is for those with mature skin who want to improve the look of their fine lines and wrinkles and firm their skin. It is also beneficial to those with sun damage, and is appropriate for all skin types.

Key Ingredients

The active ingredients in Retinol Complex work together to help smooth wrinkles. It contains three types of vitamin A, including retinol, in a microdelivery system that enhance skin texture and accelerate exfoliation. Its vitamin E protects your skin from free radical damage. The green tea extract works to fight inflammation and reduce bacteria.

How It's Used

A single pump of the cream should be applied to face and neck every evening after cleansing. SkinMedica recommends the use of a sunscreen, and that users limit sun exposure while using the product and for a week following the use of this product.