What Is Malaysian Braidless Weaving?

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Described as a healthier type of hair extension, the Malaysian braidless weave is a weave system that does less damage to your hair. Also known as the pinch method, the flexi-weave system and the weave-interlocking method, this type of hair extension allows the natural hair to breathe more easily, and does not use glue, bonding agents or tight braids to keep the artificial hair in place.

No Braiding

The Malaysian braidless-weaving technique is perfect for people whose hair is too short for conventional braiding techniques, as it does not braid directly onto the hair. Instead, a thread is looped around a section of hair allowing the extensions to be attached seamlessly allowing for a smooth and unnoticeable appearance, without the lumps and bumps of other extension methods. Most good hairdressers should be able to attach the extensions to a half-inch of hair.


Make sure the hair is washed and conditioned thoroughly. This might mean washing it at least three times with regular shampoo and conditioner. Avoid using any harsh chemicals on the hair prior to the extensions being put in place, and make sure that the scalp is well-moisturized beforehand — the healthier the scalp, the less likely the hair will break at the root. The stylist will then make two ponytails from hair on both sides of the head and tie the thread to the ponytails, looping it around them three times. Natural hair is then brought over the thread to make it look natural.

Pros and Cons

This is a quicker and lightweight alternative to normal hair-extension methods. It involves no glue, and no scalp or hair damage, meaning it does not hurt, and best of all, it is easy to remove. On the negative side, it can be more expensive than other types of extensions, costing anywhere from $300 to $1,200.


Malaysian braidless weaves can last up to three or four months, depending on the person. As they are attached to your own hair, they actually grow down with the hair, keeping the look as natural as possible.