What is Hummus?


0:01 Hi. This is Leah Schaefer on behalf of Expert Village. Today, we're going to learn how to

0:06 make a healthy, vegetarian Lebanese feast. So, today we are going to talk about how to

0:12 make hummus. Hummus is a really easy snack to make. I know you can just go to the grocery

0:18 and pick it up in the aisle, near the cheese and stuff, but it's so easy to make yourself

0:24 that it really is worth it. And you can control the ingredients that go in it. You don't have

0:28 to put a ton of garlic in it if you're not huge on garlic. If you love garlic, you can

0:32 put as much as you want in it. If you really like the lemon flavor, you can also focus

0:36 on that. So, I'm just going to take you through the ingredients. These are all available at

0:42 your supermarket. They are all pretty common ingredients and you shouldn't have any trouble

0:45 finding. The first thing we have is chickpeas. We're going to take these chickpeas and we're

0:51 going to rinse them and drain them off. We also have tahini. Now, this could be a little

0:56 harder to find but I did find it at my everyday grocery store in the ethnic aisle. Tahini

1:02 is basically a mixture of sesame seeds, which are toasted, and olive oil. We also have salt,

1:08 we're not going to use a ton, but a little bit, just to flavor it. We have garlic, which

1:12 we're going to roast up in the oven, to give it a nice soft flavor. We have a red pepper

1:18 that we're going to use to dip. We have lemon and some cold water to help bring it all together.

1:24 And then, we have some pita that we are going to make pita chips with. We're also going

1:29 to spice it up with some crushed red pepper flakes. We have some cayenne pepper just to

1:35 give it a little bit of heat. And then, for the pita chips, we're going to use oregano

1:39 and garlic power to flavor those. And we're going to use olive oil on both the pita chips

1:46 and in the hummus itself.