What is Gum Paste?


0:00 Hi, today I'm going to show you how you can make this porcelain like flowers out of gum

0:06 paste. Gum paste is sugar dough made from powdered sugar, egg whites and vegetable gum.

0:11 You can use it to make all kinds of flowers and bows and ribbons and figurines. Use them

0:16 to decorate your cakes or even a centerpiece. Gum paste will also keep indefinitely, if

0:22 you seal it well and store it in a cool, dry place they will keep forever. So I'm going

0:28 to start by showing you a few things that you'll need to make your gum paste flowers.

0:33 The first thing is a drying rack. Some of these flowers that we'll make will need to

0:37 hang upside down. This here is a stackable cookie rack and that's how we would hang our

0:44 flowers to dry. Now if you don't have a stackable cookie rack, here's a little makeshift thing

0:50 you can do at home with just any stack of books and a piece of one inch foam. Go ahead

0:56 and wedge that foam between some books and your flowers can dry upside down. Now of course

1:02 you're going to need gum paste. Gum paste comes readymade and you can buy it at restaurants

1:07 supplies and even at arts and crafts stores that have a cake decorating section. The quality

1:14 of a readymade one has been really good and I am happy using a readymade version. You'll

1:20 also need to color that and we have a gel color here and we have a paste color. So if

1:26 you use a paste color, we need some toothpicks to go along with that. I also have here this

1:33 foam; this is just a piece of crafting foam. It comes in sheets and I've cut this to about

1:39 a four inch square and have poked a hole in the center. That hole is going to be for our

1:44 stems and this will support our petals as we make our roses. This other softer little

1:50 piece of foam, you can buy this at a cake decorating store as well. It's called a petal

1:55 pad and you use this to soften the edges of the petals as I'll show you in later clips.

2:01 We'll need some florist wire. This here is about a 16 gauge which I commonly use. Wire

2:10 cutters and florist tape, and the florist tape of course will be covering that wire.

2:17 We need all kinds of cutters depending on the flowers that we're going to be making.

2:21 Some of these you can get in the crafting stores or at online suppliers. This here is

2:29 a veiner one made out of silicone and we use this when we make our leaves, to put the veins

2:36 into the leaves. Shortening is something else we use a lot of. We grease our hands; we add

2:42 it to the gum paste if the gum paste is feeling a little dry. We grease our board with it.

2:51 Also, the other thing that we have is cornstarch that helps to keep things from sticking. In

2:57 here it's we have some cornstarch in a little disposable wipe and just with a twisty. I

3:03 keep it in a cup to keep it contained. We have just egg white here with a paintbrush.

3:09 The egg white is your glue; it acts as a glue to hold your petals together. I have a cup

3:15 here, a little disposable container. As I'm working with my gum paste I store it under

3:20 the cup to keep it because gum paste will dry quickly. We want to only take out the

3:26 piece that we are using at the time that was forming, and the rest of it stays under the

3:30 cup. I have a rolling pin, this small crafting rolling pin is available at crafting stores

3:36 or any place that gum paste tools are sold. This is the essential tool for making our

3:44 petals. This is called a ball tool. It has a small side and a larger side. The larger

3:50 side is most commonly used for softening the edges of our flower. We'll be using that later,

3:58 up close. One of the most important pieces is our board that we work on. Now you can

4:05 work on, I've had this for years. It's just a vinyl mat, it has just a little piece of

4:11 plastic and that way the pieces can stay out of the air. They won't dry as quickly. I use

4:19 a non skid piece underneath it, so as I'm rolling it'll stay put. If you don't have

4:25 something like this you can make it up at home by using a vinyl placemat, a disposable

4:30 cutting board and just a piece of plastic on top, just you know, saran wrap. You want

4:36 to keep as much air out. Parchment paper works as well to roll out on. So this is the beginning

4:42 of our supplies and we're going to move on so I can show you how you can make your own

4:46 gum paste flowers.