What Is Fragrance?

A fragrance is made from a pleasant smelling aroma compound. To be a fragrance the compound needs to be made of volatile chemicals that create an odor. The odor or fragrance has to have a smell that can be sensed by the olfactory receptors in the nose.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the base of many fragrances. Fragrance using essential oils are plant or flower based. Extractions are taken from processing living plants and made into wearable scents.


Perfume recipes can be made by boiling flowers in small amounts of water. The fragrant water is transferred to spray dispenser to make the fragrance into a perfume.


Cologne fragrances are made of a combination of oil, water and alcohol. Colognes are most often worn by men and have a stronger fragrance or scent.

Household Products

Household products like cleaners and contain fragrance. Fragrance masks the smell of cleaning chemical and gives the user an added benefit of freshening the odor of a home.


Holiday fragrances or a favorite flower fragrance can be used in your home by using potpourri. Potpourri like leaves, pinecones and dried flowers are doused in essential oils and displayed in bowls. These fragrances keep foul odors hidden.