What Is Erythritol Sweetener?

Health officials are always looking for better and healthier sweetening options. A chemical solution and sweetener known as Erythritol recently originated and has been imported from Japan.


Erythritol Sweetener is a sugar alcohol that is created by a process that involves fermenting glucose but is used as sugar and considered just as natural.


Unlike regular sugar, the Erythritol Sweetener does not raise insulin levels or plasma glucose which means that diabetics would be capable of using this product.


Although Erythritol Sweetener is a sweetening agent, it is only 70 percent as sweet as regular sugar and really doesn't dissolve as well either.


Eventually, health officials look to replace the sugar contents of food products with Erythritol in hopes improving flavors at the same time as reducing the caloric content of foods.


Large doses of Erythritol Sweetener should not be consumed due to a possible laxative effect in adults and children, as with most sugar alcohols.