What Is Creme De La Mer?

by Maureen Katemopoulos ; Updated September 28, 2017

Crème De La Mer is the product name of an upscale skin moisturizer sold worldwide under the label La Mer. It is said to produce remarkable results in revitalizing even the driest skin. The product’s basic ingredients are collectively labeled the Miracle Broth, which was created after more than 6,000 science experiments.


In French, “Crème De La Mer” means “cream of the sea.” In fact, one of the main ingredients used in the manufacture of Crème De La Mer skin moisturizer is sea kelp. Other principal ingredients include vitamins and minerals (see Resources for an expanded list of ingredients).


A scientist, Dr. Max Huber created the original formula for Crème De La Mer while in search of a cure for his own skin condition. Huber was an aerospace physicist who was working on a laboratory experiment when it exploded in his face, leaving severe chemical burns. He would spend more than a decade trying to develop a remedy that could heal his skin. He discovered it in the bio-fermentation formula for Crème De La Mer.

Estee Lauder

In the mid-1990s, the internationally established beauty products company, Estee Lauder purchased Huber’s formula. Estee Lauder eventually perfected the manufacturing process and introduced Crème De La Mer as a beauty product extraordinaire, marketed under the company label La Mer.

Product Reviews

Reviews of this product published in the media and online range from raves to pans (see Resources). Some of the raves call Crème De La Mer “miraculous” in its ability to effect softer, firmer and glowing skin in a short period of application and in very small amounts. Some of the pans describe the product as too fragrant, too thick and too expensive.


Besides its skin moisturizing attributes, some buyers advocate additional uses for Crème De La Mer, such as conditioning for eyelashes and brows (see References).


In addition to Crème De La Mer skin moisturizer, La Mer offers an array of complementary beauty products. They include face treatments such as Eye Concentrate and Eye Balm; body treatments such as Body Refiner and Body Serum; the Blanc De La Mer collection of products such as Cleansing Foam and Whitening Essence; and the skin color collection of foundation and powder products, among them The Powder (see References).

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