What Is an Isotoner?

Isotoner is the world's largest marketer of weather-related accessories, such as umbrellas, gloves and rainwear. Known particularly for its gloves and slippers, Istoner has a reputation for combining style, comfort and functionality. In doing so they have established a loyal customer base, with products sold at retailers worldwide, and have even found a dubious place in popular culture.

The Company

Isotoner was originally the Axis Glove Co., founded in 1910, as a maker and seller of gloves throughout Europe and the United States. In the 1970s, it produced the popular Isotoner glove, so named for its ability to stretch and massage. First changing its name to Aris>>Isotoner, it later merged with totes in 1997 to become the totes>>ISOTONER company. Based in Cincinnati, it specializes in slippers, gloves, sunglasses, umbrellas and other accessories. It also runs ESNY, which produces sandals and flipflops.


Isotoner's gloves are made to be especially flexible and waterproof. One size fits all, though extra-small and extra-large sizes have been added. They are made from leather, suede or fleece with an assortment of linings. Besides all-purpose outdoor gloves, Isotoner also sells driving gloves, commuter gloves and therapeutic gloves for arthritis patients.


Slippers for women come in a wide range of styles--including ballerina, thongs, boots and wedding--and in many different colors and fabrics. The selection for men is more limited, with a basic open toe, a slip-on, a clog and a boater in shades of brown, blue, gray and black.


Besides its more famous slippers and gloves, Isotoner also sells knit hats, wraps and scarves. In addition, there is a special ECO line with products made with bamboo and recycled materials. There is also a "Pink Shop" to benefit breast cancer research, carrying a selection of Isotoner accessories in pink.

Isotoners in Popular Culture

O.J. Simpson was alleged to have killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman wearing a pair of Isotoner gloves. During the trial, the former vice president of the company, Richard Rubin, was called upon to give insight on the glove's elasticity. Simpson was found not guilty. Nevertheless, the connection between Isotoners and the trial has stuck in the public consciousness, even meriting a mention in a Kanye West song.