What Is After Shave Conditioner?

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Caring for skin after shaving is just as important as caring for it prior to shaving. The key is to keep skin hydrated and smooth, and to avoid razor burns and bumps. When skin is conditioned right after a shave, it will stay moisturized and soft, rather than dry and itchy as it would without any conditioning. One solution to this is to use after shave conditioner.


After a shave, skin is especially sensitive and can easily burn or become prone to redness. It is essential to keep it moisturized. After shave conditioner helps soothe skin right after a shave. It makes it smooth, soft and hydrated. Some after shave conditioners also have a cooling effect, helping to get rid of any after shave burning. It also helps prevent razor bumps.


After shave conditioner should be used right after shaving. The product is usually scented, and can be used together with an after shave cologne, or alone for a gentle, fresh scent. This conditioner should be used mostly on just shaved skin, since this is its main purpose.


Using this product can be especially beneficial for sensitive skin, or if you have a reaction to after shave cologne. After shave conditioner helps condition and soothe skin, and may end up being more gentle than after shave cologne on your skin. It also has a pleasant, tingling effect on your skin and does not make it look red. With this conditioner, you can avoid irritation on your skin.


Many companies that make shaving items for men also feature after shave conditioner in their line of products. You can buy conditioner alone or together with other shaving products. This is especially helpful if you want to use just one scent instead of mixing different scents. After shave conditioner is available from companies such as Old Spice, Avon, Jodian and Afta.